Crazi Erazi Product Photos Everywhere

Crazi Erazi Mini ProductsI had the privilege of shooting these cute little minis last year August. At that stage they were top secret. This was easier said than done with a house full of little girls Continue reading “Crazi Erazi Product Photos Everywhere”

Macro Lens for just R150.00

Macro Photography on a budget
Affordable Macro Lenses

Macro Photography can be extremely expensive with Quality Macro lenses going for around R6000 – R15000. This easily puts this out of the reach of many photographers, Pro and enthusiast alike.

When I first started out in photography back in the film days with my second hand Pentax P30t SLR . . . I had a quality 50mm Split focus lens that couldn’t be beaten for sharpness . . .  But, It wasn’t the best for close up photography. Well what I don’t hear often spoken of in the photographic world anymore are Continue reading “Macro Lens for just R150.00”

Live Cooking Demo Shoot

Demo Kitchen

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being invited to shoot a live cooking demonstration to show off my clients new Demo Kitchen where they will be hosting Continue reading “Live Cooking Demo Shoot”

Leon & Nadene Destination Wedding Shoot

Destination WeddingThis was truly an amazing wedding! From the personalities to the decor and general spirit of the entire function. It was an absolute privilege to have been invited down to East London to be a part of this magical celebration.

Better clients, one could never asked for . . .”Finally put our professional photos up 😀 so many favourites I had to split them!
On behalf of Leon and Continue reading “Leon & Nadene Destination Wedding Shoot”

Shooting Matt Swanepoel

Matthew Swanepoel PortraitsI love fast cars, especially supercars . . . the perfect blend of styling looks and lightening speed . . . So, when my friend Matthew Swanepoel called me up with the proposal Continue reading “Shooting Matt Swanepoel”

Industrial Lifestyle Photography

Shooting on a construction site was both fun and rewarding. Fighting the harsh shadows of Continue reading “Industrial Lifestyle Photography”

The Making of a Wedding Signature Canvas

Wedding Signature CanvasA wonderful opportunity to express your creativity as a commissioned photographer seldom shows itself. Well, I recently had one such blessing in my life this last week when Nadene and her fiancee decided to have a Disney (Beauty and the Beast) themed wedding.

So … in the spirit of sharing, Ive decided to reveal the extreme technicalities and specialized equipment required to produce the end product of this Wedding Signature Canvas.

It all started with Continue reading “The Making of a Wedding Signature Canvas”

Sweet 16 Photo Shoot

 Children experience so many important milestones in their lives . . . it’s such a privilege and and honor be invited as a photographer to share in some of those. Continue reading “Sweet 16 Photo Shoot”

Family Portraits on Location

A bit of fun with a fantastic family and friends of ours down at the local park. I love making each portrait session its own unique thing. Every family is unique, so why shouldn’t their photo shoot be unique too. Continue reading “Family Portraits on Location”

Sunset Shoot in the Middle of Nowhere

A huge thank you to my friend, Faith, in helping me out with this stunning shoot. It was a somewhat lengthy shoot, but afforded me to the opportunity to “play” with light . . . Continue reading “Sunset Shoot in the Middle of Nowhere”