Kite Surfing is the New Surfing

Sports Photography

While on my visit to Port Elizabeth, the family and I had some down time to enjoy the local beaches. Being the Windy City, Port Elizabeth is the perfect destination for Kite Surfers. While enjoying a walk on Sardinia Bay Beach, or Sards, as the locals call it. I bumped into Natasha, a working Continue reading “Kite Surfing is the New Surfing”

Part of the Team Covering this Event

BMW GS Trophy 2016

Im so flipping excited for this event! I know they say you shouldn’t use slang in your blog. . . but Saying “I’m over joyed” just doesn’t quite describe it.

TGVphoto has been invited to be a part of Continue reading “Part of the Team Covering this Event”

A Month for Birthdays

Birthday Photography

March and April were months for Birthday Parties. From Gauteng to the Eastern Cape, TGVphoto had them covered.

Tolamo, Kaone, Lyla, Brandon, Jocelyn and Jaden all celebrated their birthdays within days of each other. Continue reading “A Month for Birthdays”

Coastal Family Portraits

Black n White Family Portraits

Being a photographer based in Johannesburg, it’s not often I get to photograph families at the coast, so of course I jumped at the opportunity. It was a bit of a miserable day in the Windy City (Port Elizabeth) with harsh sunlight and white dunes, but we made a plan behind a mountain of a dune to block the wind a little. Adding a bit of fill flash and we were on our way to stunning photos.

Many thanks to the Bekker family for affording me the opportunity to see such beauty . . . both in beaches and their little girl Lyla. She’s such a compact little busy body, a real sweety pie.

Porsche’s New 911 Turbo S Launch

A beautifully sunny day complimented the stunning Summerplace venue this last weekend where they hosted Porsche’s beauty, and beast of a car, the 911 Turbo S.

Sporting elegant design and breaktaking performance, this car truly is a machine of awe.

TGVphoto was invited to capture the event. From the inspiring lighting and sound to entertainment of Rike, the Saxophonist and a Porsche driving experience for the kids.

An amazing day, enjoyed by all.

Visit Porsche South Africa’s Facebook Page for more

Central Gauteng Provincial Figure Skating

I had the opportunity of assisting fellow photographer, Wiaan Jordaan, again. This time I captured the talented girls from our Gauteng Provincial Figure Skating Championship held at the Northgate Ice rink recently.

Yet another sport of beauty to watch, in comparison to Dance and Gymnastics.