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BMW GS Trophy 2016

Im so flipping excited for this event! I know they say you shouldn’t use slang in your blog. . . but Saying “I’m over joyed” just doesn’t quite describe it.

TGVphoto has been invited to be a part of the Chillipix Team covering the GS Trophy 2016 Event, to be held in the Drakensberg from the 5-8 May. Its going to be awesome to photograph . . . and my first “week-long” business trip.

My wife, Sarika, in years gone by has had the privilege of enjoying week-long business trips to places like Reunion, Maritius, Madagascar, etc . . . finally its my turn for some “luxury” work. She’s already warned me that I’m going to freeze to death, but I’ve watched “Everest” . . . I mean, how bad could it be? If it doesn’t work out, I guess she’ll be cashing in a few policies.


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