Vintage Family Heirlooms

Kyndra (My Eldest Daughter) has a project for school this month, about vintage items and family heirlooms. I’ve got a heap of work to do at the moment, but feel like a writer with writer’s block . . . so the remedy for photographers is to shoot something for pleasure to rekindle that enthusiasm. . . so this is what I did!

Sacrament Set
Vintage LDS Sacrament Set

As I photographed the LDS Sacrament set, I began thinking of its history. Due to its uniqueness and limited location, Continue reading “Vintage Family Heirlooms”

TGVphoto Behind the Scenes

Behind the ScenesA rare look into “behind the scenes” of TGV photo’s photo shoots. Above is the behind the scenes shot and resulting image of Sabrina’s Sweet 16 photo shoot. I had my portable light stand (Louis) hold an off camera flash to fill the foreground shadows and Continue reading “TGVphoto Behind the Scenes”