TGVphoto Behind the Scenes

Behind the ScenesA rare look into “behind the scenes” of TGV photo’s photo shoots. Above is the behind the scenes shot and resulting image of Sabrina’s Sweet 16 photo shoot. I had my portable light stand (Louis) hold an off camera flash to fill the foreground shadows and underexpose the bright ambient light slightly.

Behind the ScenesAnother behind the scenes at the Armstrong Family Portrait Session. With the subjects being back lit we needed a lot more fill from the front to balance the ambient light with our subjects so as not to blow out the background. I absolutely love foreground interest in photographs, it adds depth and dimension to a photo . . . getting it though, doesn’t always call for the most comfortable shooting angles when you’re balance on a rock next to some slippery mud on the edge of a stream. Being a bit of a contortionist helps a lot . . . but I’m unfortunately not one.


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