The Making of a Wedding Signature Canvas

Wedding Signature CanvasA wonderful opportunity to express your creativity as a commissioned photographer seldom shows itself. Well, I recently had one such blessing in my life this last week when Nadene and her fiancee decided to have a Disney (Beauty and the Beast) themed wedding.

So … in the spirit of sharing, Ive decided to reveal the extreme technicalities and specialized equipment required to produce the end product of this Wedding Signature Canvas.

It all started withan inspiring image seen on the internet (as illustrated by the first image posted). This then followed by careful planning and preparation for the shoot. The entire shoot went down in under 30minutes . . . and this included setting up lights and packing up again.

Extra hands are always welcome for this kind of shoot.

So Step 1: We got the lighting we needed with a bit of extra punch to the sun with the help of a speedlight from behind the bridal couple. We had a second fill light set up (speedlight with beauty dish) from the front right of the couple.

Step 2: We added a bit of mood to the scene with the addition of some smoke . . . generously sponsored by a bottle of Johnson & Johnsons Baby Powder puffed out on que by an assistant up wind, and behind the couple to the right.

Step 3: My second assistant gently tossed the wedding dress into the air on the count of three . . . synchronizing the smoke, dress and shutter at just the right moment.

With the shoot done, we head on back to my office to do the final edit in photoshop. Adding a little dodge and burn, colour cast and then finally adding a painted effect with a bit of dust specs to glint in the sun.

Print, mount and deliver in time for the reception and all the wedding guests to sign . . . voila! End product with signatures and a beautiful piece of memorabilia for the wedding couple to hang in their home.

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