Live Cooking Demo Shoot

Demo Kitchen

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being invited to shoot a live cooking demonstration to show off my clients new Demo Kitchen where they will be hosting Continue reading “Live Cooking Demo Shoot”

Leon & Nadene Destination Wedding Shoot

Destination WeddingThis was truly an amazing wedding! From the personalities to the decor and general spirit of the entire function. It was an absolute privilege to have been invited down to East London to be a part of this magical celebration.

Better clients, one could never asked for . . .”Finally put our professional photos up 😀 so many favourites I had to split them!
On behalf of Leon and Continue reading “Leon & Nadene Destination Wedding Shoot”

Shooting Matt Swanepoel

Matthew Swanepoel PortraitsI love fast cars, especially supercars . . . the perfect blend of styling looks and lightening speed . . . So, when my friend Matthew Swanepoel called me up with the proposal Continue reading “Shooting Matt Swanepoel”