Leon & Nadene Destination Wedding Shoot

Destination WeddingThis was truly an amazing wedding! From the personalities to the decor and general spirit of the entire function. It was an absolute privilege to have been invited down to East London to be a part of this magical celebration.

Better clients, one could never asked for . . .”Finally put our professional photos up 😀 so many favourites I had to split them!
On behalf of Leon and I we’d like to thank EVERYONE who contributed to making our special day memorable. From the people who made me pretty to the people who helped make the hall pretty and of course our photographer who captured all the pretty. So happy with our pics, it’s like we are there all over again … Thank you TGVphoto (Shaun Thomas) for our timeless shots. Love love love them!” – Nadene

The Disney themed wedding reception would have made Walt Disney himself proud . . . all too cute! So many memories and a great experience all around . . . made me consider the high price of living in Johannesburg verses the quality of life in the quieter little coastal towns. Thank you for this amazing experience.

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