Live Cooking Demo Shoot

Demo Kitchen

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being invited to shoot a live cooking demonstration to show off my clients new Demo Kitchen where they will be hosting product demonstrations and Cooking Classes. As amazing as the photos came out, the highlight of the shoot was sharing in the tasty meal afterward.

That oven you see in the background, is my kind of oven! You simply cook directly on the grill inside and then run a cleaning program after you’re done. It has a self clean function which washes and dries the oven after use. Amazing product.

In between the cooking demo, I photographed their new showroom, the biggest of its kind in Africa. It’s filled with hotel grade products built to last a lifetime . . . Any chefs playground.

One thought on “Live Cooking Demo Shoot”

  1. wow! that must have been a lot of fun and something very different. The tasty rewards must have been the highlight of the event. Congratualtions on a job well done. ♥

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