The Making of a Wedding Signature Canvas

Wedding Signature CanvasA wonderful opportunity to express your creativity as a commissioned photographer seldom shows itself. Well, I recently had one such blessing in my life this last week when Nadene and her fiancee decided to have a Disney (Beauty and the Beast) themed wedding.

So … in the spirit of sharing, Ive decided to reveal the extreme technicalities and specialized equipment required to produce the end product of this Wedding Signature Canvas.

It all started with Continue reading “The Making of a Wedding Signature Canvas”

Sweet 16 Photo Shoot

¬†Children experience so many important milestones in their lives . . . it’s such a privilege and and honor be invited as a photographer to share in some of those. Continue reading “Sweet 16 Photo Shoot”

Family Portraits on Location

A bit of fun with a fantastic family and friends of ours down at the local park. I love making each portrait session its own unique thing. Every family is unique, so why shouldn’t their photo shoot be unique too. Continue reading “Family Portraits on Location”

Sunset Shoot in the Middle of Nowhere

A huge thank you to my friend, Faith, in helping me out with this stunning shoot. It was a somewhat lengthy shoot, but afforded me to the opportunity to “play” with light . . . Continue reading “Sunset Shoot in the Middle of Nowhere”

Daughter of a Working Dad

Daughter of a working DadThis poor little soul has been not well for the last two days. I’m so blessed to be able to work from home.

This morning I had to do an urgent product shoot for a client. She never complained. Instead, she was quite happy to play and keep herself occupied, just happy to be in the presence of her Dad. She was so quiet and content that I completely forgot she was even around, until I had completed the required work . . . only to find her fast asleep on the carpet between my all my equipment.

Love my kids to bits, and even more so, my beautiful wife who selflessly sacrifices moments like this to have a full time job.

Vintage Family Heirlooms

Kyndra (My Eldest Daughter) has a project for school this month, about vintage items and family heirlooms. I’ve got a heap of work to do at the moment, but feel like a writer with writer’s block . . . so the remedy for photographers is to shoot something for pleasure to rekindle that enthusiasm. . . so this is what I did!

Sacrament Set
Vintage LDS Sacrament Set

As I photographed the LDS Sacrament set, I began thinking of its history. Due to its uniqueness and limited location, Continue reading “Vintage Family Heirlooms”

TGVphoto Behind the Scenes

Behind the ScenesA rare look into “behind the scenes” of TGV photo’s photo shoots. Above is the behind the scenes shot and resulting image of Sabrina’s Sweet 16 photo shoot. I had my portable light stand (Louis) hold an off camera flash to fill the foreground shadows and Continue reading “TGVphoto Behind the Scenes”

Ducati Family Christmas Track Day 2016

Ducati_Track_DayI was invited to shoot another amazing event at the Kyalami Grand Prix Race Circuit and great way to close out 2016. They had a bit of fun for the whole family with a chance for the bigger boys and girls to Continue reading “Ducati Family Christmas Track Day 2016”

Christening Photography

Christening_PhotographyI recently had the opportunity to fill in for Jana Lubbe at this beautiful little girl’s Christening. I know, everyone says that every baby is Continue reading “Christening Photography”