Vintage Family Heirlooms

Kyndra (My Eldest Daughter) has a project for school this month, about vintage items and family heirlooms. I’ve got a heap of work to do at the moment, but feel like a writer with writer’s block . . . so the remedy for photographers is to shoot something for pleasure to rekindle that enthusiasm. . . so this is what I did!

Sacrament Set
Vintage LDS Sacrament Set

As I photographed the LDS Sacrament set, I began thinking of its history. Due to its uniqueness and limited location, Continue reading “Vintage Family Heirlooms”

TGVphoto Behind the Scenes

Behind the ScenesA rare look into “behind the scenes” of TGV photo’s photo shoots. Above is the behind the scenes shot and resulting image of Sabrina’s Sweet 16 photo shoot. I had my portable light stand (Louis) hold an off camera flash to fill the foreground shadows and Continue reading “TGVphoto Behind the Scenes”

Ducati Family Christmas Track Day 2016

Ducati_Track_DayI was invited to shoot another amazing event at the Kyalami Grand Prix Race Circuit and great way to close out 2016. They had a bit of fun for the whole family with a chance for the bigger boys and girls to Continue reading “Ducati Family Christmas Track Day 2016”

Christening Photography

Christening_PhotographyI recently had the opportunity to fill in for Jana Lubbe at this beautiful little girl’s Christening. I know, everyone says that every baby is Continue reading “Christening Photography”

Creche Concert Photography

Concert_PhotographyThis shoot worked out so well with such a simple piece of fabric for the backdrop. I set up behind the rear curtain of the stage at Roodepoort State Theatre and snapped away. Each of the little kids had their Continue reading “Creche Concert Photography”

Commercial Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle PhotographyIt was an insanely busy end to 2016 with November finishing off with two really fun and rewarding shoots. OK, let’s be honest, which photo shoots aren’t rewarding. Continue reading “Commercial Lifestyle Photography”

Gaisford Family Studio Portraits

Gaisford Studio PortraitsThe Gaisford family has grown somewhat in the past year or two, so what better way to celebrate than a family photo shoot.
With such a good looking family it was extremely difficult to choose just a handful of my personal favourites from our shoot together.

Unhindered by the rainy weather we’ve been enjoying of late, we got together at 6:30pm on a Tuesday Evening, Fired up the Continue reading “Gaisford Family Studio Portraits”

Corporate Weekend Away

Vacutec ConferenceEach year around the end of October Im invited to the Vacutec Conference weekend at amazing locations all around South Africa. The Venues are breath taking and the organized activities . . . well, at times they literally take your breath away. From Helicopter Flights and Caving to Continue reading “Corporate Weekend Away”

BMW X6 Hamann Kit Photo Shoot

BMW_X6_PhotosI was so excited to do this shoot for
When it comes to BMW, people either love them or hate them, either way, you cant stop starring at the BMW X6. I think this model is even on Batman’s wish list Continue reading “BMW X6 Hamann Kit Photo Shoot”